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The history of Nikki Fron abounds in stories of creative minds and reliable technology.

1896 Starts Kasuga Shoten as a hemp wholesaler
1944 Establishes Nippon Special Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
Acquires a patent of the silk hemp packing; Starts manufacturing
1968 Starts manufacturing fluoric resin products
1973 Starts manufacturing automobile clutch facings as complete products
1989 Starts assembling high-precision injection molding machines
1993 Separates the sales division of various industrial products to establish Nikki Industrial Sales Co., Ltd.
2000 Builds a new plant in Shiga to expand the functional-polymer-product processing business
2009 Opens a material development center in Nagano Prefecture Business Incubation Support Center
2010 Establishes NIKKI FRON THAILAND Co., Ltd. and starts press-molding FRP products in Thailand
Changes the subsidiary name from Nikki Industrial Sales Co., Ltd to NiKKi Fron Trading Co., Ltd.
2011 Changes the company name to NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd.
2015 Builds a new material plant in NIKKI FRON THAILAND and starts manufacturing FRP products in a full-scale
2016 Celebrates 120th year in business

NiKKi Fron 115th anniversary project

Business Cooperative Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano)
The University of Tokyo, Inaba Laboratory, Robot development, Domen Laboratory, New functional compound materials development
Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kouzai Laboratory